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People Are Losing It Over This Baseball Fan's Public Fail

Nobody beats the Freeze.

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The Atlanta Braves played the New York Mets yesterday, but the game wasn't as important as this moment:

this is the funniest thing that will happen at a sporting event this year

Basically, the Braves do a little race for one lucky fan between innings, where they give the fan a big head start.

But their challenger is a mysterious, bodysuit-clad man named the Freeze. And the Freeze is fast.

Our challenger made the classic mistake of celebrating too early...

...And he paid the price.

The announcers had zero sympathy.


But fans are hailing it as the highlight of the evening.

@iamjoonlee @AnswerDave Beat the Freeze is my new favorite sport

Even if you don't like sports, you have to appreciate the drama of "Beat the Freeze."

It's even meme-able.

Life comes at you fast.

The moral of the story is this: Don't mess around if you're trying to beat the Freeze.

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