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    Grey Worm And Missandei Dancing To "My Boo" On The "GoT" Set Is Literally Everything

    Great, now I'm gonna cry every time I hear "My Boo."

    Just a warning: This post contains spoilers from the most recent episode of Game of Thrones!

    As you know, the end of Season 8, Episode 4 FORCED us to watch as all our hopes and dreams for Missandei and Grey Worm were cruelly ripped away.

    I mean, we should have seen it coming, since they're the best couple on the show and they were talking about retiring on a beach. And this is Game of Thrones, so nobody retires on beaches.

    Jacob Anderson, who plays Grey Worm, knows our pain. And that's why he posted this adorable tweet for Nathalie Emmanuel β€” aka Missandei β€” saying that they're together on that beach "somewhere in the multiverse."

    I know it hurts. But Somewhere in the multiverse πŸ‘‘πŸŒžπŸŒ΄ @missnemmanuel πŸ™ŒπŸ½

    Not only is the video a treasure for the message, it's also priceless for bringing back the "running man challenge" meme.

    View this video on YouTube

    Back in 2016, high schoolers Kevin Vincent and Jeremiah Hall posted a video to Instagram showing off the "running man" dance to Ghost Town DJ's "My Boo." Later, Maryland basketball players Jared Nickens and Jaylen Brantley popularized the meme by doing it themselves, and it spread far and wide.

    So now we're blessed with Anderson β€” who performs music under the alias Raleigh Ritchie β€” actually providing the song for Emmanuel to dance to.


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