People Are Sharing Little Things That Annoy Them, And It Turns Out We All Hate The Same Stuff

    That moment when none of the paper towel motion sensors work, so you're walking around waving your wet hands all over the public restroom.

    Recently, redditor u/JustAnOrdinaryRyan asked the AskReddit community a simple question: "What makes you irrationally angry?"

    And boy, did people DELIVER. The comments were a veritable ocean of truly aggravating things in life that are so small, and yet so annoying. It's truly proof that we're all united in our hatred of the same stuff. Here are some of the most-upvoted comments:

    1. "When the motion sensor on a paper towel dispenser doesn't work."


    2. "When people speed up when I indicate a lane change."


    3. "People that bullshit an answer instead of admitting they don't know something."


    4. "YouTube recommending vids that don't start with the first one of a series. Why start on part 6?"


    5. "Stopping at the bottom of an escalator to look around and figure out where to go next. SIR, THERE ARE OTHER PEOPLE BEHIND YOU, BEING PUSHED INTO YOU BY THE MOVING STAIRS YOU JUST LEFT. How is that so hard to understand?"


    6. "My alarm clock when it’s time to get up for work."


    7. "Printers. If I plug you in, you should work. WHY YOU NO WORK?!"


    8. "Headphone cord snag."


    "On the kitchen drawer... WHILE I'M COOKING."


    9. "As a dog owner myself, I hate with passion people who don’t pick up after their dogs."


    10. "Drivers who don’t turn their headlights on when it’s raining."


    11. "Social media 'pranks' that are just people wasting food."


    12. "People cutting in line, or letting several of their friends cut in line. I hate that crap."


    "I was lining up for food at a kiosk in a tourist area. The guy in front of me turned out to be a bus tour guide and tried to budge his entire bus of people in front of me by ordering for them, then having them pay separately. I lost my shit when I realized what was happening, and he backed off (and had everyone line up properly) when I asked him where he worked."


    13. "I know a guy who will call and leave a voicemail message that just says 'Call me back, I need to talk to you about something.' He won't text, and he won't respond to texts asking what the topic is. It's infuriating. He also pretty much only calls at dinner time."

    "Once, he called and left a voicemail that said, as usual, 'Call me back, I need to talk to you about something.' I called him back, and he said we needed to get together so he could tell me in person. I saw red that day."


    14. "People saying 'A.M. in the morning' drives me crazy, but 'I could care less' makes every nerve in my body twitch."


    15. "Coworkers who always sing, hum, or whistle to music in a shared space."


    16. "Not using your indicator when changing lanes. It's right fucking there. You don't need to go far."


    17. "Ear-splittingly loud car exhausts."


    18. "Chronically late people. Especially the ones who have the audacity to laugh or make light of the situation as if they're not being totally inconsiderate and a major inconvenience for everyone involved."


    19. "People who don’t put up their shopping carts at grocery stores. Instantly fuming and ready to be passive in the most aggressive way possible."


    20. "When I take a bite of my sandwich and all the fixings slip out the back."


    21. "Catching my clothes on every handle in existence."


    And finally...

    22. "Fucking everything, at this point."


    Comments may have been edited for length or clarity.