24 "Elf" Moments That Are The Best Ever


    1. First off, you probably at least think of this song every time you're in a store.

    2. And you're lying if you say you've never broken out into this song when telling someone you love them.

    3. Basically, Buddy the Elf is the source of all things good and hilarious in life.

    4. You still don't know why this line makes you laugh so much.

    5. Buddy also taught you how to swear.

    6. Very effectively.

    7. But he also taught you how to be positive.

    8. And enthusiastic.

    9. And skeptical.

    10. You probably think of this every time you see a sign that says "world's best" anything.

    11. And you may have quoted this the last time you walked into a seedy dive bar:

    12. And you've DEFINITELY said this when calling out your friends when they don't tell the truth.

    13. You've ~wanted~ to do this your whole life, but can't bring yourself to actually do it.

    14. There are so many moments in this movie that are amazing but overlooked. Like Buddy's perfume taste test.

    15. Or this scene.

    16. Or the best apology of all time.

    17. Or this moment, which is actually like pretty romantic?

    18. We will be forever grateful for Peter Dinklage's second-best role.

    19. And this bit of phone etiquette.

    20. And for learning how to properly use an escalator.

    21. And how to properly eat spaghetti.

    22. Plus, this will always be the most relatable line of all time.

    23. And this, the best winter day itinerary you can think of.

    24. But the most important thing we learned from Elf is this: