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    People Are Railing Against One Unbelievable TV Trope, And I Feel So Seen

    Ain't nobody got time for that.

    Movies and TV have a lot of annoying, unrealistic tropes. Like, for example, how movie hackers can break into any system in about two seconds with just some typing.


    But writer Ally Maynard might have found the least believable trope of all:

    The most ridiculous tv trope is friends getting together for breakfast before work.

    YES. Meeting friends?? For BREAKFAST??? On a WORK DAY???? Not a chance.


    It's hard enough planning a weekend brunch, much less some kind of public gathering before 8a.m. on a weekday.

    The people are in agreement. I'd say roughly 78% of us don't even sit down and eat breakfast ALONE, much less with other people.

    @missmayn 😂 I can't even get together with myself for breakfast before work

    Twitter quickly started expanding on the various absurdities of TV breakfast. Like when happy families all sit down and eat together. What year is it? Who has kids who wake up on time?

    @missmayn Also any family show were they sit down in a sunlit kitchen for breakfast before school & work

    Rory and Lorelai Gilmore were just, like, eating breakfast at Luke's before SCHOOL?? Chilton was like a 40 minute bus ride away!

    @brendanca @missmayn Gilmore Girls lesiurely breakfasts at Lukes when Rory had to take a bus to private school

    And don't even get me started on this:

    @missmayn I'll see you and raise you one TV mom with a full cooked breakfast on the table. No one sits. One person passes through and grabs a piece of toast withough stopping. That would be the last time I made breakfast.

    Of course, people had other suggestions for ridiculous TV tropes, like meeting someone in person to tell them something that could've been said over the phone:

    @missmayn How about meeting up with people just to tell them something?

    Or living in a Manhattan apartment when you have no job to speak of:

    @missmayn I don’t know. It’s hard to beat million dollar apartments for unemployed people.

    But yeah, mostly this. Not a thing, guys!

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