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You Guys, There Might Have Been A Batman Easter Egg In "Wonder Woman"

Did we just see the origin of [spoiler] in the DCEU?

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So there's this fan theory about Wonder Woman, but there are SPOILERS ahead so be careful if you haven't seen the movie yet!

DC / Warner Bros.

OK, so we were introduced to the creepy and evil Dr. Poison, right?

DC / Warner Bros.

And she created a formula for the even more creepy and evil General Ludendorff to "restore his strength," right?

DC / Warner Bros.

Let's see...who else have we heard about in the DC universe who uses a special mix of chemicals to become super strong?

Oh yeah, BANE.

DC Comics

The theory, posited by, suggests that Dr. Poison's strength-enhancing gas is the basis for the "venom" that gives Bane his super strength many years later.

DC / Warner Bros.

Of course, Tom Hardy's Bane in The Dark Knight Rises didn't use the super-steroid, but we're in a new DC universe now, so perhaps this Bane will.

Warner Bros.

If that's the case, Batfleck is going to have quite the challenge, considering the hopped-up Ludendorff went toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman for a hot minute there.

DC / Warner Bros.

Better keep lifting, Bruce.

DC / Warner Bros.