So, Princess Leia From "Star Wars" Got Her PhD At 19 And I'm Like, "Whoa"

    That's DR. Leia Organa to you.

    We already know that Princess Leia is a badass who basically kept the entire rebellion going in its darkest hour.

    But a tweet that went viral this week will give you yet another reason to love Leia Organa...

    Hang on wait what... Leia had a PhD in Star Wars? Christ can you imagine having everyone call you Princess when you…

    Yeah, that's right — Leia Organa was actually DOCTOR Leia Organa, because according to George Lucas, she got her PhD at age 19.

    People are kinda flipping out over the addition to their favorite character's already long list of accomplishments.

    @BeccaEHarrison @sunnysingh_n6 guys guys it's *Senator* Doctor General Princess Organa

    Others have jokes about how frickin' hard and time-consuming it is to get a PhD.

    @BeccaEHarrison @LitChick79 somehow having a PhD at 19 is actually the most fanciful element of Star Wars :)

    And then, of course, there are the puns.

    @BeccaEHarrison We have clearly, clearly all been doing our PhDs in Alderaan places.... 😎

    Yet another reason to love Dr. General Princess Leia Organa.