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    If You're A Student Taking Finals, Read This "13 Reasons Why" Star's Instagram

    "Please remember you're worth more than a mark."

    Some of you out there might be students who are going through finals week right now, which means you probably feel like this:


    If so, Katherine Langford (aka Hannah Baker from Thirteen Reasons Why) has a message for you.


    Langford posted a photo of a write-up she got back in high school with a heartfelt message to all the students out there:

    After the show's focus on mental health issues (and the backlash that went with it), Langford has been using her Instagram to send positive and helpful messages to fans who might need guidance.

    @katherinelangford / Via

    "If you're feeling the weight of expectation—whether it be from your parents, your school, your teachers, or even yourself—please remember you're worth more than a mark, and there's a big future ahead waiting for you," Langford wrote.

    "Good luck, and take care of yourselves — you got this!"

    Thanks, Hannah Baker!


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