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    Most Of These Hilarious Harry Potter Posts Were New To Me, So They're Probably New To You

    More like the boy who lol'd.

    1. Ollivander's very careful selection process:

    2. The greatest tragedy:

    3. The best Harry naming meme yet:

    4. Wait, no, this one:

    5. A very likely headcanon:

    6. My wish, if reincarnated:

    7. Do it for the Vine:

    8. A very good point:

    9. This explains everything:

    10. This is now canon:

    11. A+ pun:

    12. My boggart is Unexpected Car Troubles:

    13. Same, Harry:

    14. SAME, Harry:

    15. Dumbledore, in a nutshell:

    16. Harry knows one spell:

    17. Brightest witch of her age:

    18. No need for decorations:

    19. And finally, what we all think every time Daniel's in a movie: