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17 Little Additions To "Harry Potter" That'll Make You Sob

Why do these STILL get me?

1. Sirius's failed goals:

2. Dobby's broken promise:

3. The confused thestrals.

4. Ron's immediate reaction:

5. Teddy Lupin's hair:

6. And George's:

7. Draco's worst fear:

8. Remus's favorite joke:

9. Remus and Tonks's reasoning:

10. The new ghosts:

11. Molly's worst fear:

12. Lily's message:

13. Dobby's first and last words:

14. Moony's reunion:

15. Harry's respect for McGonagall:

16. Professor Lupin, not Uncle Moony:

17. And finally, the simple move of an apostrophe: