18 Times That People Witnessed An Unsettling Glitch In Reality

    If you didn't believe that reality was a simulation before, you will now.

    1. This carton of juice that proves whoever is running our simulation messed up their programming.

    A juice carton that says, "Default_juice"

    2. This bench that looks like a highlighted objective in a video game.

    A bench in a park

    3. This copy + paste that happened on the bus.

    Bald men sitting behind each other on a bus

    4. And this one that happened in a store... it's not like purple pants are a common choice.

    People wearing purple shorts

    5. I don't know what weather phenomenon this is, other than "the LCD screen is busted."

    A multi-colored cloud formation

    6. This one is explained, but you gotta admit, if you saw this while driving, you'd be like, "Oh no, reality is about to shut down."

    A digital billboard in the clouds

    7. This apple is missing some pixels. C'mon, at least render the simulation at the highest settings!

    An apple that looks pixelated

    8. Exactly. Eleven. Years. Apart. TO THE DAY.

    Aug 29, 2001 Serena Williams wins at US Open, Albert Pujols hits a HR and Vlad Guerrero Sr, Craig Biggio & Dante Bichette all record a hit. Aug 29, 2022 Serena Williams wins at US Open, Albert Pujols hits a HR and Vlad Guerrero Jr, Cavan Biggio & Bo Bichette all record a hit.

    Twitter: @DanClarkSports

    9. Remember that part with the black cat in The Matrix? Yuuup.

    Black cats sitting on benches

    10. Someone is painting this building out of existence!

    A building that looks like it's being painted the same color as the sky

    11. Looks like these trees hit the upper rendering limit.

    Trees that have perfect edges

    12. Ever seen a transparent skyscraper before?

    A skyscraper that looks transparent

    13. These clouds hit some kind of barrier, too.

    clouds that come to a perfect edge

    14. Pretty sure that underwater city isn't supposed to be there.

    Cars and buildings that appear to be underwater

    15. This helicopter is totally glitched out.

    16. I hope these guys are twins, because otherwise, I don't know how to explain this.

    Two men who look the same playing on opposite teams

    17. Where's the missing F? WHERE IS THE MISSING F??

    The word "Coffee" but the shadow is missing an "F"

    18. And finally... tell me you wouldn't get freaked out if you saw these two license plates in front of you.

    A license plate that says "Peekaboo" and another that says "I see u"

    H/T r/GlitchInTheMatrix