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I Lightened These "Game Of Thrones" Screenshots So You Can Actually See Episode 3

No more squinting at your screen!

1. This shot of Drogon torching the battlefield:

2. This shot of Ghost charging alongside Jorah:

3. This shot of Dany and Jon right before they joined the fight:

4. This shot of Melisandre entering Winterfell:

5. This shot of the fire reflected in her eyes:

6. This shot of Arya and Sansa overlooking the troops:

7. This terrifying shot of the wall of undead:

8. This shot of the Unsullied clearing a path for Melisandre:

9. This shot of Drogon and Rhaegal above the clouds:

10. This shot of Bran's ravens taking off from a tree:

11. This shot of Jaime and Brienne fighting on the wall:

12. This shot of the Hound feeling terrified:

13. This shot of Arya taking a moment's rest in the library:

14. This shot of Beric blocking the hallway:

15. This hero shot of Arya and Melisandre:

16. This aerial shot of the burning battlefield:

17. This shot of Drogon attempting to kill the Night King:

18. This shot of the Night King beginning to raise new troops:

19. This claustrophobic shot of Sansa and Tyrion:

20. This shot of Theon meeting his end:

21. This shot of Arya doing the "superhero landing":

22. This shot of Tormund, Gendry, and Grey Worm in the aftermath:

23. This shot of the survivors of the crypt:

24. And this shot of Melisandre walking into the dawn:

And yes, all of these were significantly lightened, even the ones that are still pretty dark! That's how dark the episode was!