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17 Funny Tumblr Posts For People Who Are Slightly Obsessed With Animals

The life of a pet owner: "What are you eating? OH GOD WHAT ARE YOU EATING?!"

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1. Sometimes your dog takes priority over people.

2. And you've definitely said all of these things.

3. And done all of these things.

4. You'd pretty much do anything to pet a little furry creature.

5. You know that often times your pets take priority over social engagements.

6. There's that moment when you do dog math and realize that we're elves.

7. You would totally buy your cat a "floating judgement box."

8. And you know your animals are assholes, even though you love them.

9. You'd make one hell of a judge at a cat show.

10. You know that sibling rivalry is totally a thing.

11. And if you have a dog, you have definitely had this happen.

12. Dating can be disappointing.

13. And getting any work done at home is damn near impossible.

14. Naming them is just the best thing ever.

15. And your language and decorum go right out the window when you see a little fuzzy cutie.

16. You're 100% certain that you can communicate with your pets in their language.

17. And of course, you'll pet pretty much anything.

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