21 Tinder Screenshots From This Month That Are Unhinged, Hilarious, Or Both

    If you're ever in doubt about how much "game" you have, just take a look through these and immediately feel better about yourself.

    1. Must've been loud in those DMs or something.

    Person texts in lower caps and then in all caps

    2. Tell me you play too many competitive games without telling me.

    Person in a car accident

    3. Apparently, liking a photo is bad? IDK.

    Person mad the other only liked their photo

    4. He was doing so well for a minute there.

    Person who is a mascot says they’re horny

    5. I would say that this bio goes from 0 to 60 at the last second, but really it goes from 59 to 60.

    6. Her bio said she can solve a Rubix cube...

    Person says they can solve a rubies cube because they’re smarter than the other person

    7. This might actually be the most unhinged opening gambit I've seen.

    Wow where have you been it’s been so long

    8. We love an honest guy.

    Wishing they were taller and making a sexual joke

    9. Even if that honest guy shoots himself in the proverbial foot.

    Person looking for sex

    10. She must be into high framerates.

    Person says they won’t date a gamer

    11. Here's a quick dating tip...actually read before you respond.

    Someone saying the other doesn’t look Nigerian

    12. Also, maybe don't nuke the whole convo if someone doesn't respond within 24 hours.

    They’re mad they’ve been Ignored

    13. To be fair, he didn't specify what KIND of would you rather.

    14. Honestly, I'll date this guy and he can call me slime. We'll get married and be pronounced slime and slurm.

    Y’all have the shittiest nicknames or even opening messages to complete strangers

    15. This is the sexiest thing anyone can put in their bio.

    My mortgage is 1.18%

    16. Uh, she does have a point.

    You look like the girl I would  see at an airport and think about all flight

    17. Not bad considering it was off the cuff, TBH.

    Usually go for 8s but I’ll settle for a 10

    18. Unstoppable!

    I may not be repunzel but I’ll let you pull my hair

    19. Guess this one didn't work.

    English language word wrong is spelled wrong

    20. Took me a second, but I got it.

    Do you wanna argue about nihilism!

    21. And finally, when in doubt... just spam all your matches the same very important question.

    Every match being asked. Do you like bread?