16 Funny Reddit Comments That Made Me Exhale Sharply Through My Nose

    Redditors love a pun, it turns out.

    Now and then, while scrolling through Reddit, you'll come across a comment that not only adds to the original post, but actually makes it funnier. Here are some of the funniest comments I've read recently:

    1. I accept everyone's proposals here:

    a circle around the skinny part of a state posing the question, what goes on here, and people coming up with funny names to make it its own state

    2. Here they are, the world's most adequate valentines:

    valentine's cards edited with comments, these are certainly some of the valentines cards i have ever seen

    3. This person Rickrolled the real Rick Astley (you can guess what that "backstage event" link actually leads to):

    comment left for Rick with a link

    4. Here's a classic thread that I think about alllll the time:

    people replacing the lyrics to the song with the name greg

    5. Heyooooo:

    when i was 6 years old and stuck my finger in a pencil sharpener i nearly passed out,

    6. The reason this person got an arrow to the roof:

    you've been formally challenged to a duel

    7. Excellent pun:

    the word claim in all caps and bolded

    8. You gotta read the usernames for this one:

    usernames are i can't hear a word you say and why do i shout

    9. And for this one, too:

    The image is a screenshot of a Reddit post by u/StonerCPA asking for advice, with a comment reply "No" by u/Mosquito_King, which has 91 upvotes

    10. Also this one:

    Summarized screenshot of online comments joking about trusting spiders, with humorous replies about spider traits

    11. Did you know there's a whole subreddit dedicated to people trying to figure out what their random cookie cutter is shaped like? Well, now you do:

    a cookie cutter shaped weirdly, something asking what's the shape and another responding with a drawing of a duck with a knife

    12. I will literally never get tired of these:

    Image 1: Metal cookie cutter on wooden surface.
Image 2: Cookie cutter resembling high-heel shoe with handle

    13. Ha ha, it's funny but also it's sad:

    how would a bug camouflage itself as climate change

    14. Ooh, useful:

    "What's something you're a pro at but couldn't make a career in?" with a reply, i can almost always tell when it's raining

    15. Bold question, bold answer:

    "If you died as an atheist and met God, what would you say to him?" with a  response, do you take constructive criticism

    16. And finally, we're coming full circle on the Rickrolling:

    Reddit post with users joking about telepathic messages and Rickrolling with song lyrics