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    23 American Foods That Non-Americans Can't Get Enough Of

    "I had a friend from France here for nearly six months, took him around the Mid-Atlantic and NYC... and all he wanted to do was keep going back to Arby's for the Beef 'n Cheddar."

    Recently, Redditor u/remyleboi00 asked a controversial food question: "Non-Americans, what is the best 'American' food?"

    Non-Americans chimed in with some seriously tasty suggestions of the best "American" foods they've ever had, and honestly, reading it all made me hungry. So I dug up some recipes for each dish in case you want to cook them up for yourself!

    1. Lobster Rolls

    Wanna try making lobster rolls? Here are a couple of recipes:

    Traditional lobster roll recipe

    Vegetarian lobster roll recipe

    2. Smoked Brisket

    Wanna try making brisket? Here are two recipes: One is a roast for those who don't have access to a smoker, and the other is a full-blown smoked brisket!

    Best beef brisket recipe

    Smoked brisket recipe

    3. Key Lime Pie

    Wanna try making key lime pie? Here are three recipes, including a dairy-free one made with avocado:

    Traditional key lime pie recipe

    Key lime pie with toasted marshmallow meringue recipe

    Dairy-free key lime pie recipe

    4. Reuben Sandwich

    Wanna make a Reuben sandwich? Here's a how-to:

    Reuben sandwich recipe

    5. Pecan Pie

    Wanna try making a pecan pie? Here's a traditional recipe, a twist on the original involving cheesecake, and — if you want to get REAL American — a deep-fried version:

    Basic pecan pie recipe

    Kentucky Derby pecan pie cheesecake recipe

    Deep-fried pecan pie recipe

    6. Cheesy Jalapeño Bread

    Wanna try making cheesy jalapeño bread? Here are recipes for a larger loaf for slicing, and for the more cheesy kind:

    Dutch oven jalapeño cheddar bread recipe

    Jalapeño cheese bread recipe

    7. Tex-Mex

    plate of rice, refried beans, an enchilada, steak and onions, and quesadila

    Wanna try making some Tex-Mex? Here are some recipes to start with:

    Cheesy chicken enchiladas recipe

    Loaded chicken fajita nachos recipe

    Tex-Mex guacamole recipe

    8. Chicken Parmesan

    Wanna try making chicken parm? Here's a traditional recipe and some ~variations~:

    The best crispy chicken parmesan recipe

    Chicken parmesan sliders recipe

    Chicken parm lasagna recipe

    Chicken parm bites recipe

    9. Chicken-Fried Steak

    Wanna try making chicken-fried steak? Of course you do, here are some recipes:

    Country fried steak with gravy recipe

    Chicken fried steak bites recipe

    10. Philly Cheesesteaks

    Wanna try making a Philly cheesesteak? Here are a couple of options to try at home:

    Cheesesteak hoagie recipe

    Vegan mushroom "cheesesteak" recipe

    11. Cheesy Potatoes aka Funeral Potatoes aka Twice-Baked Potatoes

    spoon in a casserole dish of cheesy potatoes

    Wanna try making cheesy potatoes? Here are some recipes to try out:

    Cheesy potato casserole recipe

    Twice-baked potatoes recipe

    Funeral potatoes recipe

    12. Cornbread

    Wanna try your hand at cornbread? Here's a traditional skillet cornbread recipe, plus a traditional Mexican cornbread to show you where this southern dish got its roots:

    Skillet cornbread recipe

    Savory pepita pan de elote (Mexican cornbread) with charred poblano butter recipe

    13. Arby's Beef & Cheddar Sandwich

    If you want to try an Arby's Beef & Cheddar, you should probably go to Arby's. BUT, if you don't have one near you, here's a copycat recipe!

    Arby's beef and cheddar copycat recipe

    14. Biscuits & Gravy

    Wanna make this breakfast of champions? Here are recipes for fluffy biscuits and sausage gravy:

    Flakiest biscuits recipe

    Sausage gravy recipe

    15. Gumbo

    You might not be a Louisiana meemaw, but you can try making gumbo with these recipes:

    New Orleans seafood filé gumbo recipe

    Vegetarian gumbo recipe

    16. Grilled Cheese

    Grilled cheese doesn't really require a recipe, but here's one anyway (along with some variations):

    Grilled cheese recipe

    Vegan grilled cheese recipe

    Salted honey apple brie grilled cheese recipe

    Ultimate spicy grilled cheese

    17. Coconut Cream Pie

    Here's a coconut cream pie recipe for you to try, plus a recipe for coconut cream PUFFS if that's more your thing:

    Coconut cream pie recipe

    Coconut cream pie puffs recipe

    18. Buffalo Wings

    You want Buffalo wing recipes? We got Buffalo wing recipes:

    The best crispy Buffalo wings recipe

    Super easy no-fry Buffalo wings recipe

    19. Chocolate Chip Cookies

    20. Pancakes

    Wanna try out some different types of pancakes? Here are some variations:

    Fluffy buttermilk pancakes recipe

    Blueberry pancakes recipe

    Cinnamon roll pancakes recipe

    21. Banana Pudding

    Wanna try banana pudding? Here are some options, including a Magnolia Bakery copycat and a cheesecake version, because why not:

    Traditional banana pudding recipe

    Magnolia Bakery banana pudding with a twist recipe

    Banana pudding cheesecake recipe

    22. Fried Pickles

    Wanna try making fried pickles? Here are a couple of ways to make them:

    Stuffed fried pickles recipe

    Nashville hot fried pickles recipe

    23. Mac & Cheese

    Listen, I'll link a few recipes here, but you might want to check out all the mac and cheese recipes here as well:

    Basic mac and cheese recipe

    Momma's deep-dish mac and cheese

    Truffle mac and cheese

    Vegan mac and cheese

    Is there a food that you think Americans do better than anyone else? Let us know in the comments!