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18 People Who Forgot There Was Already A Word For That

"I forgot what milk was called so I called it cereal water. CEREAL WATER."

1. This future marine biologist.

2. This person who doesn't appreciate alliteration.

3. Or this person who excels at anatomy.

4. This late-night snacker.

5. This dad.

6. This person who was horny for Halloween.

7. This herpetologist.

8. This Anglophile.

9. This dreamer.

10. This girl's mom, who was SO close.

11. This veggie enthusiast.

12. This person who boiled the term down to the basics.

13. This person who had a really good idea going for a second there.

14. This kid who reinvented pepperoni.

15. This person who made toilets sound even more gross.

16. This poet.

17. This person who maybe spends a tad too much time on the computer.

18. And finally, this Italian exchange student who came up with a way better term for "pony."