18 Photos That Prove Dogs Can't Possibly Be Real

    There's no way these little goofy fluffballs exist.

    1. This grinning floof can't possibly be real.

    2. No creature in existence could express this much joy in one photo.

    3. A pupper who thinks a tree is a big stick is just too pure for this world.

    4. Their interactions with French fries...

    5. ...and bananas...

    6. ...and rainbows are hilarious.

    7. So are their expressions...

    8. ...like this one.

    9. This one is dressed like the pope, for Pete's sake.

    10. This one's a witch.

    11. This one brings you socks when you're sad.

    12. This one has unrealistic expectations about door sizes.

    13. This one just wanted a bath.

    14. This one learned an important lesson.

    15. This one just loves to swing.

    This is Atlas. Swinging is his passion. 12/10 would push all day

    16. And this one pretty much just breaks all known laws of physics.

    17. One thing is certain, if dogs are real...

    18. ...we definitely don't deserve them.