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    People Are Sharing Hilarious Videos Of Their Dogs Interrupting Their Gardening

    I've said it before, I'll say it again: We don't deserve dogs.

    Anybody who lives with a dog knows that they can make it a little ~difficult~ to get work done.

    rook730 / Via

    So when @JabinSerene shared this hilarious video on Twitter, dog owners everywhere nodded and said, "Yep."

    I’ve have yet to finish watering my plants 💀

    People found the pup's enthusiasm pretty relatable.

    Me when Costco gives out samples.

    Pretty quickly, the thread turned into people sharing videos of their dogs hogging all the water meant for plants.

    @JabinSerene Bahahahah my dog does the exact same thing! Also sprinklers. She has to stop to drink out of every sprinkler encountered on a walk

    Or pools.

    @m_astill @monicasloves @JabinSerene some dogs are serious water biters.

    Basically, if it comes out of a hose, it belongs to the dog now.

    @JabinSerene I lock her inside when I water plants now

    So much joy!

    @JabinSerene My buddy Teddy loves the water!


    @JabinSerene @LaurenNicole290 Same with my grass

    Apparently, not even leaf blowers are safe.

    @JabinSerene same with my leaf blower. smh 🙄

    Or spray bottles.

    @JabinSerene She likes all forms of water 😂🤣 so I tried a spray bottle this time...

    Or bubbles!

    @JabinSerene @lilliemarie221b Y’all got bubbles?? Couldn’t find my water/hairdryer episodes. But here’s Kuzco with bubbles ur welcome

    Even ducks can't resist!

    @JabinSerene Same @ducksandclucks

    Does your dog do this too? If you have a video, share it on the BuzzFeed Animals Facebook page! Let's make this an especially adorable, dog-filled weekend.

    @JabinSerene @crystalromero07 nova can relate

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