Coca-Cola Has A New "Marshmello" Flavor, So I Tried It... Here's How It Tastes

    This one's a hit, IMHO.

    Hi there. You might have noticed that Coca-Cola has been putting some funky flavors out there as part of their "Creations" line. Previously, I tried their Starlight flavor (it was too sweet for me) and their Byte "pixel-flavored" edition (that one was pretty good!).

    Coke's newest flavor is a collab with DJ Marshmello, and if you're wondering, the answer is does not taste like marshmallows. Which is good, because that would probably be gross.

    🚨 The secret is out 🚨 #CocaColaCreations hit featuring @Marshmello will be electrifying your tastebuds soon. 👅⚡️#CocaColaXMarshmello

    Twitter: @CocaCola

    This new flavor comes in a tall, thin can, much like the Byte flavor did. It's roughly the size and shape of a White Claw or a Topo Chico, if you're familiar with those.

    A can of the Marshmello Coke sitting on a table

    I cracked it open and took a sip...

    The author taking a sip of the soda from the can

    And I gotta say, I like this flavor! It's light and fruity, and while it's definitely sweeter than regular Coke, it's not overwhelmingly sweet. It's kind of at the sweetness level of Cherry Coke, but it's a little less...heavy, if that makes sense.

    The author looking impressed while holding the can

    At this point, I hadn't taken a close look at the label, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what the flavor was. Starlight and Byte were both kinda mystery flavors, in that they were supposed to taste like "space" and "pixels," but their actual flavoring was a secret. I thought this might be the same sort of thing. I took a look at the can...

    The author looking at the writing on the can

    And it turns out it's actually strawberry and watermelon flavored! That makes sense. It's a fruity flavor, but a light and summery one, so you definitely get both of those flavors peeking through, but they're not super overwhelming. I was drinking the zero-sugar version, however, there is a full-sugar version as well, so I do wonder if that one comes off as too sweet.

    A close-up of the can where it says that it's strawberry and watermelon flavored

    Ultimately, I might go pick up a few of these when they hit shelves on July 11, despite being An Old™ who has only heard, like, one Marshmello song. It's a good summer flavor! But people who find strawberry or watermelon-flavored drinks to be too sweet might want to skip it.

    Marshmello holding a can of the new flavor