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    17 Pets Who Adorably Just... Stopped Working

    "Dog.exe has stopped working, please reboot."

    1. This pup who took a mid-groom nap:

    Low power warning... critical power... shutting dow- from StoppedWorking

    2. This dog who does not enjoy paw protection:

    Not a fan of the booties from StoppedWorking

    3. This golden who achieved the impossible and doesn't know what to do next:

    My aunt’s dog finally got her tail. from StoppedWorking

    4. This recovering pup who needs assistance:

    "Sharon, please just put down the phone and help me.” from StoppedWorking


    Trying sand from StoppedWorking

    6. This cat who just looks offended:

    WHY YOU DO THIS HUMAN? from StoppedWorking

    7. This dog who would rather not:

    Hamster broke the dog from StoppedWorking

    8. This kitty who is trying to make it work:

    "This looks comfy" from StoppedWorking

    9. This pup who looks like he had a long day:

    Dog just froze from StoppedWorking

    10. This husky who has made a new enemy:

    Broccoli broke the dog from StoppedWorking

    11. This cat who is auditioning to be a Slinky:

    Legs.exe has encountered a fatal error from StoppedWorking

    12. This pupper who heard "sit" and gave it a new spin:

    Cannot tell if broken or upgraded from StoppedWorking

    13. This hamster in a tiny predicament:

    What am I doing with my life from StoppedWorking

    14. This corgi who is never giving up hope:

    Feeding a corgi empty spoonfuls of soup from StoppedWorking

    15. This husky who just really loves the belly rubs:

    Doggo has stopped responding. from StoppedWorking

    16. This dog with a unique hobby:

    She has a weird obsession with rocks. This is her collection. from WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    17. And finally, this furry Roomba:

    Bored from WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    H/T to r/StoppedWorking

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