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    17 Animals That Are So Smol It Should Be Illegal

    So smol you could put 'em on a spoon and eat 'em, but PLEASE DON'T DO THAT.

    1. This tiny puppy with very big siblings:

    2. This itty-bitty kitty, plus couch for scale:

    3. This work interrupter who can't quite cover the screen:

    4. This tiny turtle with a little shell:

    5. This Jacuzzi dweller:

    6. These two bb's and the not-smol dog who loves them:

    7. This pint-sized, floating(!!) hamster:

    8. This kitten that found a new show to watch:

    9. This pup that's too little for even the tiniest jackets:

    10. These two, posing as coffee:

    11. This bun, now in hand-held size:

    12. This feathery surprise:

    13. This little guy with a biiiiiig stretch:

    14. This pupper that found a ride:

    15. This tiny scurrier:

    16. This fluffy orb with a beak:

    17. And finally, this birthday puff:

    H/T: r/IllegallySmol.