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    22 Times Americans And Europeans Roasted The Heck Out Of Each Other

    "Americans be like, 'I'm looking at myself in the meer.'"

    1. These two Brits really had a geographical feud going until the American jumped in:

    "You guys are like a two hour drive from each other"

    2. Honestly, there are good points on both sides here:

    "in america, 'someone died here' is like 'some dude locked his mom in the basement and she starved to death'"

    3. This American checked a Brit on their snark reeeeal quick:

    "We have states bigger than your entire country"

    4. This one isn't even just limited to Europeans being scandalized by Americans:

    "(Laughing Nervously) What the fuck?"

    5. This is how you get rats:

    "this is why you guys had the black plague."

    6. Oof. Ouch:

    "americans be like ok i cant count past 12 actually"

    7. Jane Austen was not, in fact, Tolkien-ing it up with her locations:

    "england is indeed real"

    8. Seriously, Australia is huge:

    "*australians crying in the distance*"

    9. Okay, guilty:

    "americans be like im gonna eat an ornge"

    10. We geddit, we talk funny:

    "americans make a mistake and go ahp, shudina dundat"

    11. The image of the avocado peeling is burned into my brain:

    "One of them peeled an avocado with a knife instead of just cutting it open."

    12. Also, I've never felt more patriotism coursing through my veins than when I saw this happen:

    "me: I fel no special attachment to my American identity"

    13. This is 100% true, we deserve this:

    Screenshot of a post

    14. "People" undoubtedly being Americans:

    "What does Alvita Zane mean?"

    15. This is a win in the American column, IMO:


    16. Show this to any European and immediately horrify them:

    "I'm afraid of Americans"

    17. Fun fact, this is actually why we declared independence:

    "A car park"

    18. Spain and Germany get a pass on this one. The UK and France do NOT:

    "I'm sorry the French call it what"

    19. This is a very good question:

    Twitter: @VeryBadLlama

    20. I'm gonna try to make "Football 2" happen:

    "BIG fan of calling the original one Football 2"

    21. Let's be honest, both of us have weird terminology for school:

    "im in sixth form"

    22. And finally, nobody can burn Americans like Americans:

    "I'll kick my own ass"