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    Hey, Wanna See Some Dogs Created By Artificial Intelligence?

    What a bunch of cute little abominations.

    If you spend any time on Twitter, you might be familiar with WeRateDogs. The account takes submissions of dog photos and videos from fans, then rates the dogs (every dog scores better than 10 because every dog is great).

    This is Yoroko. She’s a rainbowbender. Borks to activate one and then steers it with her tongue. 14/10 magical as h*ck

    Well, thanks to the technological magic of artificial intelligence, we now have @dog_fakes, an account full of AI-created dogs with AI-created captions. It's adorably terrifying.

    This is an eyeball. There was a lot of cheese wedged in the back like a crater, or from an aging cheese. 14/10 again, eyes

    The account was created by research scientist and author Janelle Shane, who writes about AI often.

    This is Kai. He used to work for a butter company. He loved his job but one day he woke up and was kind of feeling margarine. 10/10 may i recommend margarine

    Shane said she used OpenAI's new API to create a Twitter bot based on the @dog_rates account, and used AI-based image creator Artbreeder to make the images. The results are little doggie monstrosities with captions that sound juuuuust close enough to the real thing.

    We only rate dogs. Please stop sending us pictures of marshmallows. We can all see the dog is way cuter. Please just help me eat this. 13/10

    Some of the AI-created dogs are rather dog-like, and the captions stick to a theme.

    We only rate dogs. Someone put an egg in the bowl. Please put it back in the chicken. Thank you... 12/10

    While other dogs are...uh, terrifying.

    This is Molly. She's very tall. We wonder what it's like at the top of the world. She does not. 14/10

    Personally, I'm a fan of this oversized mop of a dog who loves a good sandal and had her butt shaved.

    This is Lady. She loved the feel of a new sandal. But that’s not going to happen again, which is why she had her butt shaved. 14/10 that happened to me once

    Moe with his six- or seven-ish feet is pretty great too.

    This is Moe. The other day he thought he was Hulk. Then he realized he didn’t have any superpowers. 13/10 don’t worry Moe, there are other ways to be strong

    And who wouldn't want a talking dog with three happily wagging tails?

    Talking Dog: It’s okay. Everything is going to be okay. 14/10 with a blinged out glitter crown

    Shane noted in her blog post about the project that you can give the AI prompts, which she did on several of these...for example, this one was created by the AI using the prompts "Cthulhu" and "tentacle."

    This is Cthulhu. He’s a cute, fluffy dog. Just don’t look at his tentacles. 12/10 please don’t look at him

    The original WeRateDogs account has taken notice and — I'm happy to report — seems to approve of this madness.

    @dog_fakes i agree he sits all silly

    After all, every dog is a good dog...even fluffy AI-created nightmares that apparently eat abominations.

    This is Happy. He’s pretty happy. He just ate an abomination. 13/10

    You can follow @dog_fakes for more AI-created puppers, or follow Janelle Shane for all kinds of AI-related content. Shane's book about AI weirdness is also available for purchase.

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