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    If Not One Of These 33 Photos Makes You Laugh, Nothing Will

    I can't decide if the person who named the off-brand "Pepsi" as "Poopsi" should be fired or deserves a raise lol.

    1. I just don't know if I could eat a jar of "Nut Master."

    jars of hazelnut chocolate spread called Nut Master on a shelf

    2. You've heard of Dove, now try...

    Dave bar soap

    3. App stores are the Wild West, man.

    apps called Ant Hero (like Ant Man) and Amazing Strange Rope (who looks like Spider-Man)

    4. This is... Ketchup isn't even copyrighted. What is happening here?

    bottles of ketchup labeled tomato condiment

    5. Well, hot diggity dognald's!

    a food truck called Hot Dognald's

    6. Hmmmm...

    I Think It Tastes Like Butter spread

    7. This one doesn't even try to say it tastes like butter — it just makes you remember butter.

    a tub of Memories of Butter

    8. Again, "rolling pin" would've been fine.

    rolling pin labeled movable stick

    9. This is just terrifying. Run, Dory!

    fake Dory illustration on a toilet seat

    10. I see what they did there.

    A-Lad-In a Costume that looks like Aladdin

    11. Hold on, lemme put in my Meats.

    meats instead of beats by Dre

    12. They're not Swedish, but they're from the general area.

    Nordic fish candy

    13. Whoopsie, it's a...

    Poopsi soda

    14. Skerple. Just...Skerple.

    Skerple brand black markers

    15. Do you think my Supreme shirt is a knockoff? I can't tell.

    a shirt that says "Sperm"

    16. My favorite designers, Dcloe and Gababna.

    Dolce & Gabbana knockoff

    17. "When there is a thing that is odd / In your area of residence..."

    fake Ghostbusters t-shirt

    18. So many letters, so few of them correct.

    fake Incredibles t-shirt

    19. Pretty sure he's Italian.

    Mario bag knockoff labeled Captain America

    20. They're not wrong — he is big.

    fake Godzilla toy called Big Fella

    21. These are great. Kut Kits, on the other hand? Terrible.

    a box of "Kat-Kots"

    22. Don't worry — they're not that angry.

    a game called Mildly Infuriated Bird

    23. Sad to see three of their partners leave their business like that.

    a burger joint called Two Guys

    24. Dude, that's not an Oreo.

    a Dude cookie that looks just like an Oreo

    25. Segert.

    fake Victoria's "Segret" label

    26. Maybe he's a spider that can communicate with the dead?

    Inflatable Spider-Man labeled Medium Spider

    27. There's just a lot going on here, to be honest.

    Sonic the Hedgehog mascot labeled Naruto

    28. "Oh my god... I'm on a PIZZA TRUCK!"

    mascot that looks like Mike Wazowski on a pizza truck

    29. No misspellings here, just an extra thicc Air Jordan.

    thicker than normal embroidered basketball player on a hat resembling Air Jordan logo

    30. Space cop.

    Star Knight toy that looks like Darth Vader

    31. Bob Cop, for short.

    Robert Cop 2 toy that looks like RoboCop

    32. One hundred times better than Ben 10.

    Billy 1000 ball

    33. And least this one is honest about it.

    The North Fake brand jacket

    H/T to r/crappyoffbrands