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31 Posts That Prove "Harry Potter" Has The Funniest Fans

Harry Potter fans have jokes for days.

1. This accurate analysis of Harry's character development.

2. When Potter fans found the perfect images for this meme.

3. This imagining of what life must be like for drunk Ravenclaws.

4. When the Potter fandom invaded this non-Potter post.

5. This highly inappropriate yet totally hilarious joke.

6. This moment that definitely happened for all Muggle-borns.

7. When Tumblr pointed out Harry's ineptitude.

8. Again...

9. ...and again...

10. ...and again.

11. When everyone nailed what we sound like around the world (plus Dumbledore).

12. This realization that school is basically Azkaban.

13. This accurate description of what's going on at Hogwarts now.

14. This biology lesson that took an unexpected turn.

15. When someone thought up the perfect replacement for Dumbledore.

16. This accurate summary of all four house mottos.

17. This proof that at least some students got the last laugh on Umbridge.

18. When Tumblr called Harry out.

19. This alternate universe that we really want to see.

20. This perfect use of an action figure.

21. When someone realized Harry's true weakness.

22. When someone came up with these genius horcruxes...and someone else thought of the perfect person to hunt them.

23. When someone actually used two separate posts to make this joke.

24. And when these two posts lined up at just the right time.

25. This rewriting of the end of Deathly Hallows.

26. When the Incredibles and Harry Potter fandoms merged.

27. This realization that Harry's adventures happened during a very important time in cinema history.

28. When somehow this was the perfect quote for this picture.

29. This important question (and answer) about Azkaban.

30. This response that Harry ~should~ have had to Quidditch.

31. And finally, when someone imagined Harry in his later years.