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29 Times "The Sims" Was Accidentally Hilarious

Benzi chibna looble bazebni gweb!

1. This Sim and his priorities.

2. The Grim Reaper's crisis of confidence.

3. This accurate description of Sim education.

4. This very important glitch.

5. This helpful how-to for people who want to get married in two hours.

6. This selfie opp.

7. This attempt to relate to actual humans.

8. This very relatable set of traits.

9. This realization.

10. This hilarious punchline!

11. This person, who got a little too emotionally invested.

12. This important lesson on the "randomize" button.

13. This baby name.

14. This loss of innocence.

15. This reminder that you can name your Sims anything and that name will show up in menus.

16. This evil, evil person.

17. This fashion icon.

18. This kid, who seems OK with it.

19. This horrifying glitch.

20. This lesson in the differences between talking about Sims and talking about real life.

21. And this one.

22. This pun.

23. This genetic experiment.

24. This beautiful lesson in language.

25. This reminder that logic goes out the window when you play The Sims.

26. When the Grim Reaper was rude.

27. This important question.

28. This romantic proposal.

29. And finally, this reminder that we're all hypocrites.