27 Times People And Food Didn't Mix

    Put down the eggs. Slowly.

    1. The person who wrote this poem.

    2. This pasta pro.

    So I'm being a chef on snapchat & this happens 🙄

    3. This ball of stress.

    4. This baker of monstrosities.

    5. This jokester.

    6. This poor soul.

    7. The person who ordered "none pizza with left beef."

    8. The person who didn't know which way was up.

    9. This cardiologist.

    10. This person, who clearly has a story to tell.

    11. This devious roommate.

    12. The person who found "boo"bies.

    13. The person who made this "lasaga."

    14. And the person who loved this mug.

    15. The monster who made these wings.

    16. This pun-maker.

    17. The person who's suspicious of onions.

    18. This person, who is probably not OK.

    19. The person who said "cheese."

    20. This helpful child.

    21. This top chef.

    22. This philosopher.

    23. The person who made whatever the hell this is.

    24. This goth chef.

    25. This brave and foolish soul.

    26. This aggressive pizza fan.

    27. And finally, this monster.