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22 Photos That Will Give ’90s Kids Intense Flashbacks To Saturday Mornings

It wasn't ALL cartoons (but it was mostly cartoons).

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1. First, you'd wake up wayyyyy too early for a Saturday, probably to your awesome Nickelodeon alarm clock.

Rise & slime, everybody.

Rise & slime, everybody.

2. You'd grab yourself a bowl of delicious (and probably way too sugary) cereal...

General Mills, Post

3. ...because it was time for SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS!


4. Maybe a little Bobby's World...


5. ...some Goof Troop...

ABC / Via

6. ...maybe some ReBoot...


7. ...hey, remember Marsupilami?


8. There were some live-action classics too, of course.


9. When it was time to play outside, these were any ’90s kid's dream:

10. Or maybe one of these:

11. Of course, if it was raining out, you could always play this inside:

12. Or you could grab one of these:

13. And play some of this:


14. Snack time! Better grab a Squeezit!

15. All the best lunches came in shapes, obviously.

16. Oh, and don't forget the Dunkaroos.

17. By the time the sun went down, it was time for TV binge #2.


18. Why YES I'm talking about All That.


19. And Roundhouse!


20. Eventually your parents would make you go to bed. But you could stay up using this...

21. read some of this:

22. Or you could play Pokémon until you finally fell asleep.

Basically, ’90s kids had the best Saturdays ever.


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