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21 Foods That People Eat To Cure Their Hangovers

Apparently hungover people love pickles?

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us their go-to hangover foods. Here are their suggestions:

(Note: We cannot guarantee that any of these will actually cure your hangover, or even taste good.)

1. Pickles and/or pickle juice

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"Mild: water and coffee

Medium: sausage and eggs, or biscuits and gravy

Heavy: pickle juice"

—Michael Munger, Facebook

"Pickles. Something about the brine and salt cures bad nausea. Paired with a lot of water/Gatorade and some bread, you’re good to go."



5. "Hangover pasta"

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"I make 'hangover pasta.' It’s just whatever type of pasta I have lying around with pesto and a buuunch of chopped, fresh tomatoes.

Spice it up with whatever else you have lying around."

Julie Hasseris


10. Cookies & cream ice cream

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"My hangovers are usually very bad. I have a headache until 9-11pm and my stomach hurts so much the first couple of times, I couldn’t eat. What helped me, before I found the miracle Gatorade, was cookies and cream ice cream. It was liquid so it was easy to digest, and the coldness made it enjoyable."

Giorgina McKay


12. Grilled cheese and two cans of V8

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"Two cans of low sodium V8’s 100% vegetable juice, full of potassium, anti-oxidants and fiber, a liter of water, strong coffee, and a grilled cheese sandwich with the protein and fat to suck up all the sugar from your system."


14. "Green juice" and toast with Vegemite

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"Fresh green juice with cucumber, celery, kale, spinach, and romaine. ‘Rehab Shot’ with lemon, ginger and cayenne. Vegemite on whole-grain toast. Works every time."



17. Chicken in a Biskit crackers with blue Gatorade

"I drink ice blue Gatorade slowly until I feel like my stomach can handle food, then Chicken in a Biskit crackers if I’m hungry. Once I’m fully stable I eat either a cup of microwave Easy Mac or some cheap ramen — carbs help stabilize my blood sugar and sodium helps replace electrolytes (as does the Gatorade)."



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