21 Foods That People Eat To Cure Their Hangovers

    Apparently hungover people love pickles?

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to send us their go-to hangover foods. Here are their suggestions:

    (Note: We cannot guarantee that any of these will actually cure your hangover, or even taste good.)

    1. Pickles and/or pickle juice

    2. Orange juice + cheesy bacon potato soup

    3. Chicken Chow Mein

    4. Mountain Dew and a plate of bacon

    5. "Hangover pasta"

    6. Applesauce

    7. Blue Gatorade and McDonald's cheeseburgers

    8. Pedialyte

    9. Pho

    10. Cookies & cream ice cream

    11. A Dunkin' Donuts sausage, egg & cheese sandwich

    12. Grilled cheese and two cans of V8

    13. Yukgaejang

    14. "Green juice" and toast with Vegemite

    15. Whataburger grilled cheese with spicy ketchup

    16. Kraft mac & cheese.

    17. Chicken in a Biskit crackers with blue Gatorade

    18. Wendy's chili and a gallon(!) of Gatorade

    19. Sourdough bread with butter and salsa

    20. Turkey Tom from Jimmy John's with salt & vinegar chips

    21. Nothing

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