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Please Enjoy These Super-Funny Harry Potter Tumblr Posts

The Potter fandom keeps on pumping out hilarious Tumblr posts!

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1. This short rap.

2. This very important life advice.

3. This relatable book title.

4. This scene from an American wizarding school.

5. This revelation from the twins.

6. This examination of Voldebro.

7. This sort-of defense of Harry's naming skills.

8. This thought, which was probably actually McGonagall's retirement plan.

9. And this explanation for McGonagall's longevity.

10. Basically, McGonagall was the best.

11. This thing that definitely happened with the Weasley kids.

12. This adorable observation (that also totally calls Hermione out).

13. This most accurate comparison.

14. This honest job applicant.

15. This bit of gossip about "Hot Tom."

16. This dark joke, which honestly might have been how it happened.

17. This headcannon about a slight mix-up.

18. This slick meme reference.

19. And finally, this reminder that Oliver Wood was there to do one thing.