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    19 Awesome Things From The '90s That Kids Today Probably Think Are Dumb

    Ah, the simpler times before Candy Crush.

    1. Remember when you'd play with these, which was 90% sitting there and waiting for it to pop?

    2. And when you'd mix things up by choosing a new card back for solitaire?

    3. These things were pretty much the coolest invention ever:

    4. This little clacker thingy was good for hours of entertainment:

    5. For some reason we found a jar full of slime to be loads of fun:

    6. We were all amateur graphic designers at one point:

    7. Even spinning on these suckers was pretty cool:

    8. This was more satisfying than Angry Birds:

    9. Were we really so bored that we stuck pins in our fingers? Yep:

    10. Throwing these at a window repeatedly = fun Saturday afternoon:

    11. Make plastic bugs in a tiny oven? Sure, why not:

    12. This magical thing was endlessly fascinating:

    13. These were a blast right up until you accidentally ran over your damn finger:

    14. Since we couldn't buy our own games, the Playstation demo discs were played on repeat:

    15. This thing was frustrating as hell but still a much-coveted item:

    16. Fishing for slowly rotating plastic fish? Yeah, that was fun:

    17. Try to explain Pogs to a kid these days. They will look very confused:

    18. These were good for a laugh until they made your gums bleed:

    19. And of course, this was almost more information and entertainment than we could handle at once: