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    19 Slightly Annoying Things You Endured If You Were Alive Before The 2000s

    How many times do I have to clean this damn computer mouse?!

    1. Having to clean all the gunk out of your mouse's ball chamber thingy.

    2. Texting with T9 and taking five frickin' minutes to write one sentence.

    3. Having to rewind your Blockbuster rental before returning it, even though the jerk who rented it before you didn't rewind.

    Blockbuster / Via

    4. Waiting to go online until your mom was off the phone, or trying to make a call and hearing loud dial-up screeching.

    5. Accidentally impaling your Capri Sun.

    6. Accidentally destroying your retirement plan.

    7. Burning the roof of your mouth off on one microwaved pizza bagel, but then the middle one is still frozen somehow.

    Kraft Foods

    8. Having to call your parents collect and quickly say "I'mreadycomepickmeup."

    9. Getting a call from your crush but your dad answering the land line before you can.


    10. Having your cassette recording ruined because the DJ wouldn't shut up.

    11. Getting your eardrums blown out by the THX screen.

    12. Or by the weirdly loud "COMING SOON" screen.

    13. Accidentally seeing a crap movie in theaters because Rottentomatoes didn't exist.

    14. Getting a full arm workout every time you pulled up to the drive-thru.

    15. Falling asleep watching TV and waking up later to "BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!!!!"

    16. The bottoms of your wide-leg pants getting all wet and worn out.

    17. Wanting a phone for your room but not having a phone jack in there.


    18. Trying to play Game Boy in the back of a car at night.

    Adam Ellis

    19. And finally, growing up to realize that you now completely take modern conveniences for granted.


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