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    You Probably Need To Be Gen Z In Order To Get All These Jokes

    If you read the name "Adam" and hear it in a very specific tone of voice, this post is for you.

    1. This visual pun:

    2. This dark historical joke:

    3. This rewrite of a famous Vine:

    4. And this one, in iambic pentameter:

    5. This fanfic scenario turned Vine reference:

    6. This gluten-filled pun:

    7. This trick:

    8. This Biblical joke:

    9. This dog, who clearly misses Vine too:

    10. This analysis:

    11. This post, which only makes sense when you read the usernames:

    12. This smattering of references:

    13. This truth about trying to google these things:

    14. This shoutout:

    15. These Shakespearean translations:

    16. This simple test:

    17. This realization about Dungeons & Dragons:

    18. This post that was never a Vine, but sounds like one anyway:

    19. And finally, this joke about the only silver lining, TikTok: