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    18 Things That Were Actually Better In The '90s, I Swear

    Tired: pressing the "end call" button. Wired: emphatically slamming a flip phone shut.

    1. Remember back in the '90s, when your bottle caps would just tell you right away what you won instead of giving a code for points that you had to save up and redeem? Heck yeah. ๐Ÿ‘

    VirtuvianHooligan / Via

    2. Back in the day, we could end a call in the most satisfying way: slamming the flip phone shut with a gratifying *clack*.


    Modern silver clamshell cell phone.

    3. Even though it was less convenient, it was one of life's little joys to go to a movie rental store and grab the last copy of that new release you wanted to see off the shelf.

    Will Buckner

    4. We used to get our movies on a super-cool color VHS that came in a clamshell case that smelled all plasticky.

    Iamplumbus / Via

    5. Pizza Huts these days are super convenient with fast counter service. But back in the '90s, going to Pizza Hut was an ~experience~.

    OneNineFiveOne / Via

    6. And McDonald's seats might be a little more comfortable to sit in now, but tragically they are not shaped like burgers, fries, or the Grimace.

    7. Nickelodeon still makes amazing shows to this day...but let's be honest, their studio used to look WAY cooler.

    MikeJRachel / Via

    8. Playing online games is super cool. But nothing could ever top playing Goldeneye on this sucker with three of your friends, sitting in the same room and yelling at each other not to cheat by looking at your part of the screen.

    Nintendo / Via

    9. Schools these days have all kinds of tech and cool stuff, but will anything ever top playing with the parachute in the gymnasium?

    burnedMoth / Via

    10. I'm sure Happy Meal toys are pretty cool today, but c'mon, how awesome were these transformer toys?

    gnarrdan / Via

    11. There are lots of great TV shows on today, but can any of them scare the pants off you right before bed like Are You Afraid of the Dark did?


    12. And if you REALLY wanted to scare yourself, well...there was always this:

    CBS / Via

    13. Sure, these were heavy and unwieldy. And sure, Spotify is great. But there was no better way to show off your excellent taste in music to your friend than having them flip through one of these with all your best CDs in it.

    jhangel77 / Via

    14. I'm sure kids have all kinds of cool toys nowadays, but do they have a frickin' oven where you can make your own rubbery plastic bugs?

    JoeCashKOTD / Via

    15. Were these chair-desk combos kinda uncomfortable? Yes. But they were great for cracking your back.

    Animal_Pharmacy / Via

    16. Listen, there's all kinds of great stuff in the freezer aisle nowadays, but Viennetta was delicious AND made you feel ~glamorous~.

    17. Modern product design is pretty minimalist, but take a look at these Cherry Coke cans from the '90s and tell me they don't look totally rad!

    SupremoZanne / Via

    18. And finally: Sure, checking the internet for school closures is quick and easy. But looking out your window and seeing a bunch of snow and then watching the little crawl at the bottom of the screen on the local news for school closures just had a little extra suspense that made it that much better.

    iLucky12 / Via

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