18 "Harry Potter" Tumblr Posts That Will Make You Feel Feelings

    Why does this fandom know EXACTLY how to make you cry?

    1. This thought about Teddy Lupin.

    2. This sweet moment between Harry and McGonagall.

    3. This wonderful prediction of Neville's future.

    4. This realization at just how good a teacher Lupin was.

    5. The heartbreakingly funny thought that James used his last moments to mock Voldemort's lack of nose.

    6. This picture of the afterlife.

    7. And this one.

    8. This very sad Christmas for little Remus Lupin.

    9. This cute scene, to give you some happy tears.

    10. And this one, to make you sad again.

    11. 😭😭😭

    12. This simple but devastating sentence.

    13. This cute idea that we really hope happened at Ron and Hermione's wedding.

    14. This very bittersweet thought.

    15. And this one.

    16. This imagined conversation between Harry and George.

    17. This appreciation of Hagrid.

    18. And this truly adorable thought.