18 Interesting Food Combinations That You Gotta Try

    Ever tried cream cheese on a hot dog?

    A recent Reddit thread asked people to share an "underrated combination." While some suggested things like an evening shower and clean bedsheets (cozy!), many responses were food-based.

    So, here are some ~interesting~ food combinations that you might want to try the next time your tastebuds are bored!

    1. Tim Hortons white hot chocolate with an Earl Grey tea bag.

    2. Cranberry juice, orange juice, and Sprite.

    3. Sandwiches with potato chips inside.

    4. Popcorn and chocolate candy.

    5. Lingonberry jam and Swedish meatballs with gravy.

    6. Coffee and ice cream.

    7. Blueberry-flavored coffee.

    8. Rum and root beer.

    9. Cream cheese and pepper jelly.

    10. Cream cheese and hot dogs.

    11. Hot sauce and ranch.

    12. Fried chicken and cheese fondue.

    13. Coffee with rose syrup.

    14. Hot Cheetos and grilled cheese.

    15. Waffles and peanut butter.

    16. Pineapple and salt.

    17. Honey and pizza.

    18. Peanut butter and pickles.