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    17 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh But Also Make Your Brain Short-Circuit

    I'm laughing on the outside, but also dying on the inside.

    1. Hi, please don't do this:

    Cookies with Vick’s is an elite combo

    2. This is an assault on my eyeballs.

    Some people are demanding that sodas require carbonated water. I guess that makes ketchup a sports drink like Powerade.

    3. Help.

    do teeth taste like nothing or does your mouth just get used to the taste of your teeth?

    4. NO.

    The dick vein on a Snickers really makes it

    5. "Flavor spots." I can't.

    Do y’all eat your rolls soon after you buy them? or do you wait until they get flavor spots like I do

    6. Nice mani, tho.

    7. Why not? Nothing makes sense anymore.

    1998: Just imagine how far we'll be in 20 years 2018: Behold, the Snickle

    8. Someone arrest them.

    9. Medically accurate. Still doesn't need to be spoken out loud.

    Mental that yer nipples are older than yer teeth

    10. Nope.

    11. Won't be able to unsee this anytime soon.

    do you ever think about how eyebrows are just eye mustaches

    12. Mmmm, burger peel.

    13. *Gives smiling, enthusiastic thumbs-up, then promptly pukes*

    reminder to always take short cuts, like brushing your teeth and having breakfast ❤

    14. OK, this isn't the fault of the tweeter, but let's just keep these out of the light of day at all costs.

    everyday we stray further & further from gods light

    15. CRIME.

    Ahh the classic baggel! RT if u love 2 eat bangles!

    16. Too late, already ruined!

    17. Yep, hamdogs. I'm out.

    Accidentally bought hotdog buns instead of hamburger buns so guess who's eating hamdogs