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17 Disney Posts That Are Gonna Fuck You Up A Little

"I didn't even know." —you, after reading this post

1. Ariel and Hercules are technically cousins.

2. Donald Duck is an honorary member of the US Navy and Marine Corps.

3. The first openly gay character was in Frozen and none of us even noticed.

4. Logic dictates that there was a Car Hitler.

5. Suite Life dropped an epic Easter egg that probably went right over your head.

6. Mulan IS the Great Dragon.

7. Monsters, Inc. is basically just Marxist propaganda.

8. Hercules got smart with its jokes.

9. Randall got one of his Monsters, Inc. quotes from a motivational poster on his dorm wall in Monsters University.


10. When Maui turns into Shark Head, his chest tattoo is also a shark head.


11. Goofy has like five different names.

12. The actor who voiced Ariel plays a small role in Enchanted.

13. And so does the voice of Belle (Paige O'Hara) and the singing voice of Pocahontas (Judy Kuhn).


14. Thumper from Bambi is Roger Rabbit's uncle.


15. Ursula was actually much more fair with her deal than she could've been.

16. When Dr. Facilier casts a shadow, the wallpaper changes.

17. And finally, King Triton has seven daughters for the seven seas.

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