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    16 Signs That'll Make Your Eye Twitch If You Care About Grammar

    Unnecessary quotation marks EVERYWHERE.

    1. Whoever made this sign is very well at grammar.

    2. They might let you in if you're just an elderly child, as long as you ask nicely.

    3. Do not feed the seagull's what? Nephew?

    4. Nice!

    5. Someone should get those poor kids some shoulders.

    6. Yes, you have to go to bad.

    7. Very professional.

    8. Are you familiar with irony, sir or madam?

    9. *Sigh*

    10. Are you saying that you buy them, or that you say "bye" to them after you sell them?

    11. Excuse me, I'll be weeping for the students at this school for a while.

    12. At least they were consistent.

    13. Welcome, jacuzzis!

    14. Which Law? Jude?

    15. There's a lot going on here.

    16. Actually, this might not be a mistake at all.