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    17 Things That Were Designed Simply Yet Brilliantly

    Design is an art, and these people are all masters.

    1. This sign board for a karate academy:

    OnderGok / Via

    2. This genius minimalist business card:

    OfullOstomacheO / Via

    3. This pack of hot sauce that's made to look extra explosive:

    DemSpinMachine / Via

    4. This Canadian "stay at home" billboard:

    CormacZissou / Via

    5. This Hanukkah sweater with sequins that you swipe to "light" on each night:

    katyvo / Via

    6. This barcode on a Greek yogurt container that blends in nicely:

    goldy411 / Via

    7. This lost and found poster that tells a little story:

    asiansoundtech / Via

    8. This company logo that just rotates the same symbol to get four letters:

    phillipgoffinet / Via

    9. This Krispy Kreme booth that looks like a big ol' box of donuts:

    hellotri0 / Via

    10. This restaurant sign that only uses half of the letters and lets the shadows fill in the rest:

    Cortinian / Via

    11. This sign on the inside of the bathroom door, reminding you to check your zipper:

    zubaba / Via

    12. This street-crossing sign that allows blind people to check how many lanes they have to cross:

    beaned1 / Via

    13. This dentist office's on-brand bike rack:

    madentr12 / Via

    14. These napkins at a restaurant that easily let your server know if you need something:

    Tuhtu / Via

    15. This billboard that physically expresses its point:

    ibmwatsonson / Via

    16. This tasty-looking barcode on a box of pasta:

    peateeksamal / Via

    17. And finally, this PSA poster that definitely says "flicking":

    theeggman1977 / Via

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