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Four Types Of Liability Exposure

Your liability exposure can and will vary greatly throughout your life. Below are four general types of exposure that cover most cases.

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Each category has different insurance needs. In all likelihood, you will at some point fall into each of these categories as you progress through your life:

1. You are under 21 and covered by your parent's insurance.

2. You buy your first home. People begin to notice you.

3. Your net worth has climbed to between $25,000 and $100,000. People may begin to pay more attention because you are starting to appear more interesting.

4. Your net worth is over $100,000. Unless you have elected to drive an old clunker and dress in rags, you will be more financially visible. People may pay closer attention.

Maybe you don't fit exactly into any of these categories. But the important point is to recognize that when significant changes occur in your life, your insurance needs also change. Failure to adjust your coverage may mean you are paying too much for protection that you don't need, or you don't have enough protection.

How to impact your liability exposure

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You can impact your liability exposure. Simply follow these liability reduction strategies.

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