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Chloe Bailey Did The "Buss It" Challenge And It Pretty Much Broke The Internet

She wins.

Chloe Bailey just broke the internet.

The 22-year-old singer of Chloe x Halle fame just partook in the "Buss It Challenge" from TikTok; and lemme tell you, she nailed it.

If you're confused what any of those words mean, this will help: The "#BussItChallenge" is a TikTok challenge that has gone viral in the past few weeks wherein users dance in normal, everyday garb to the tune of Erica Banks's "Buss It."

The results are — how do you say — c'est magnifique. Like this one from @syeraplitt:

Or this one from @virginiasanhouse:

Anyway, once Chloe Bailey decided to hop on the trend, it was over for y'all h*es.

chloe bailey doing the #BussItChallenge is all i needed to see on this good thursday 😩

@overwhelmedlee / Via Twitter: @overwhelmedlee

Absolutely no chill.

And of course, Twitter has completely lost their collective minds about it. Mostly because she did not come to play, but also because people often think of Chloe and Halle as the two innocent girls Beyoncé discovered.

Chloe Bailey did the buss it challenge

@kingseb__ / Via Twitter: @kingseb__

Call me old fashioned, but I was born to serve Chloe Bailey. Cook for her, make her breakfast, clean the house, have a hot meal ready when she gets home, do her laundry. If she cheats on me that's MY problem. That's on me. She caught ME slipping.

@atsixthirty / Via Twitter: @atsixthirty

Chloè was the last buss it submission. Pack it up, pls 😂

@shes_rADIAnt / Via Twitter: @shes_rADIAnt

chloe bailey did the buss it challenge wow the tl is in shambles

@ajlovessza / Via Twitter: @search

Chloe flexed on us before the beat even dropped with that Versace robe.

@i_bsylvia / Via Twitter: @search

The whole TL to Chloe Bailey rn 😂

@Ziggtoven / Via Twitter: @Ziggtoven

someone said chloe showing out cause she’s not the one with a disney contract💀

@Merc2828 / Via Twitter: @Merc2828

I don’t know how many times I watched this but my girl Chloe ATE!!!!!🤤 https://t.co/3Rbl8wG8zj

@ILookLikeBaae / Via Twitter: @ILookLikeBaae

My TL watching Chloe Bailey buss it challenge

@ShreddaSosa / Via Twitter: @ShreddaSosa

Diggy Simmons looking at Chloe buss it challenge

@D_1andOnly_ / Via Twitter: @D_1andOnly_

Biden's first day in office and we got Chloe's buss it challenge. Now that's a President.

@bretuo_ / Via Twitter: @bretuo_

Chloe slaughtered the buss it challenge, y’all should admit defeat and end this trend ASAP 🤸🏾‍♂️


me after watching chloe’s buss it challenge for the 50th time in a row

@fcrgiveme / Via Twitter: @fcrgiveme

Whole TL after watching Chloe hit the buss it challenge 😂😂😂😂

@allday_ajking / Via Twitter: @allday_ajking

chloe bailey knowing that she’s got this entire app wrapped around her finger

@fcrgiveme / Via Twitter: @fcrgiveme

I see why Chloe wanted her separate IG page

@D_1andOnly_ / Via Twitter: @D_1andOnly_

In conclusion:

Not Chloe breaking Twitter with ONE challenge

@_habyasun / Via Twitter: @_habyasun