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    TikTok Created A Musical For "Bridgerton" And It's Pure Brilliance


    I think we can all admit at this point that TikTok is full of talent just waiting to be discovered.

    NFL / Via

    If you don't believe me, please refer to Charli D'Amelio and the thousands of others who are now real-life stars.

    Not long ago, the musical theater side of TikTok was working their virtual butts off to bring us all Ratatouille the Musical, based of course on the Pixar film.

    And now, they are back at it again, but this time with a musical version of Bridgerton. I, for one, am THRILLED.

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    Tingling with anticipation.

    Abigail Barlow, a self-proclaimed songwriter, is the mastermind behind this brilliant project after posting her initial concept video over a week ago.


    Ignore the terrible ✨queens English✨ #IsThisAvailable #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Abigail Barlow

    God bless you, Abigail.

    Since naturally, people on TikTok were super hyped about the idea, she ran with it. She later posted different versions of Bridgerton characters' theme songs.



    ♬ original sound - Abigail Barlow

    Add a slightly more up-tempo to the opener and BAM.

    Eloise's song is so spot-on that I'm already giving a standing ovation:


    What kind of song should I write next? Let me know in the comments ✨💜 #bridgertonmusical #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Abigail Barlow

    Very much Elphaba meets Madame Thénardier.

    And since TikTok is a wondrous place, the Bridgerton musical MIGHT ACTUALLY BECOME A THING. Abigail posted this follow-up six days ago, letting everyone know "it could possibly be a full-length project" and that she's "writing something new every day."


    Thank you guys SO MUCH ! Let’s do thisssss #bridgertonmusical #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Abigail Barlow

    She also confirmed the music is similar to the show, i.e., classical string instruments with a pop music undertone.

    Everything is still in the early production stage. But if anyone should play the Duke of Hastings, it's this man right here: Nick Daly.


    #duet with @abigailbarlowww my formal application to be the duke of bridgertontok. #singing #bridgerton #simon

    ♬ original sound - Abigail Barlow

    I'd like to cast my vote now for Nick Daly to play Simon.

    His voice so perfectly fits what I would imagine Simon Basset's to sound like when he sings.


    #stitch with @nick_t_daly and in less than 18 hours! 😭❤️

    ♬ original sound - Nick Daly

    And I'm clearly not the only one who thinks so. His duet with Abigail got 3.3 million views and nearly 700,000 likes.

    Even Netflix commented on its excellence.

    Nick Daly / Via

    If you need further proof that Nick is a perfect fit, here's another example of him singing in Broadway style:


    #duet with @scottalanmusic this isn’t perfect, but neither is life. #musicaltheatreboy #umichmt #survivaltactics

    ♬ original sound - Scott Alan

    The RANGE though.

    As of yesterday, it looks like Abigail is hard at work writing songs for the musical with the help of fellow composer Emily Bear.


    The writers of #bridgertonmusical have a PHOTOSHOOT TODAY and A STORY TO FILM FOR BBC WHAT IS HAPPENING @emilythebear

    ♬ original sound - Abigail Barlow

    Her bio also says "#bridgertonmusical" so I'm now sufficiently excited.

    Soooo... All I'm wondering is when is opening night??

    Late Night with Seth Meyers / Via

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