Gen Z Is Making "Ratatouille" Into A Full-Blown Musical On TikTok

    It's the elaborate set design for me...

    If you're someone who dabbles in theater TikTok, I'd put money down that you've heard whisperings about Ratatouille the Musical.

    Basically, it's a collaborative effort between a bunch of Gen Z creatives, and some of the TikToks are, like...TRULY incredible!!!!!!!

    Kris Jenner holding a phone with a look of surprise on her face

    The origin story began when TikTok user @e_jaccs posted this lil' a cappella ~ode~ to Remy way back in August:

    Users @danieljmertzlufft and @cjaskier then added ensemble vocals and instrumentation and brought the concept of a Ratatouille musical to a whole new level.

    People then took it and RAN 👏 WITH 👏 IT!!!!!!!!! 👏


    #duet with @nobodyfamouslol2.0 End of act one, Of ratatouille. #musicaltheatre #musical #ratatouille

    ♬ original sound - danieljmertzlufft
    At FULL SPEED, I might add!!!!!!!!!!

    They've been imagining what it would be like inside the rehearsals:


    coming soon! 😂🐭✨ ok but this audio by @danieljmertzlufft SLAPS #theatrekid #ThatWitch #broadway #rat #ratatouille #musical #sing #actor

    ♬ original sound - danieljmertzlufft

    Choreographing numbers and going FULL!!!!! OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    cookin’ up some choreo for #ratatouillemusical 👨‍🍳 @rawalton4 @ratatouillemusical #foryoupage #fyp

    ♬ original sound - danieljmertzlufft



    Composing songs, like this tango for Collette and Linguini:

    And this absolute tearjerker, "Anyone Can Cook"!!! 😭😭😭

    And this dramatic, vampy number for Django, Remy's dad:

    But personally, it's the ELABORATE SET DESIGN(!!!!!!!) for me:


    #Duet with @fettuccinefettuqueen Thank you for the amazing song! Here’s the scene to match! #ratatouillethemusical #stagemodel #theater #setdesign

    ♬ original sound - Shoebox Musicals

    There are no words.

    AND LEST WE FORGET COSTUME DESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    They're even having "auditions," and lemme just say, the level of talent on TikTok is chef's kiss.


    #duet with @blakeyrouse sorry for the lack of enthusiasm but i was trying to remember it #WeWinTogether #fyp #ratatouillemusical #musical #singer #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Yay Blake Rouse!!

    I could go on and on about this trend for hours, but really, I just wanted to say how creative and amazing Gen Z'ers are. Like, the fact that they've essentially written, composed, and designed an ENITRE MUSICAL(!!!) on TIKTOK(!!!!!!!) during a PANDEMIC(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) speaks volumes about what they're capable of.

    I'm in awe, you guys. The internet can really be a good place sometimes!!!!!!!!!!

    And with all that being said, I Ieave you with this one guy's take on what Lin-Manuel Miranda would be like in Ratatouille the Musical. Goodbye!