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    23 Times "The Bold Type" Characters Were Truly Bold

    They literally ran through Central Park topless.

    Sutton, Kat, and Jane from The Bold Type are truly some of the BOLDEST AND BEST women on television.

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    They tackled trans rights, systemic racism, sexual exploration, misogyny, and still had time to be the best of friends to one another and somehow excel in their jobs.

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    Watching each of these characters grow over five seasons has been a joy, but watching them tackle the patriarchy has been empowering.

    Kat saying, "I'll show them a woman defying them"
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    No but seriously, sometimes they were too bold. Like, how tf did they not get fired? LOL.

    So in honor of tonight's final episode (*wipes tear*), here are 23 of the boldest moments from The Bold Type.

    1. When Jane bravely writes about her experience with orgasming (or lack thereof).


    Tiny Jane being so openly vulnerable about her sexual experience is admirable. 

    2. When Sutton literally creates a job for herself because there weren't any positions available.

    Sutton convincing Lauren to hire her

    OK queen, go off. 

    3. When Kat comes out as queer.

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    Kat's journey in discovering and defining her own sexuality is a beautiful aspect of the show. 

    4. When Jane pushes to expose a famous photographer, even at the risk of her own career.

    Jane saying she knows the Pamela Dolan story will be big

    Jane was determined to expose Pamela Dolan's mistreatment of models, even though she is repeatedly warned about the potential risks involved in tackling such a powerful figure.

    5. When the trio goes topless for breast cancer awareness.


    IDK about you, but it would take a lot of convincing and probably a few shots of tequila to get me to walk through a park topless. 

    6. When Kat just hops on stage to casually give the most moving political speech I've ever heard.

    Freeform / Via

    Councilwoman Linda Zephyr was boring everyone at a campaign rally, so Kat naturally jumps in to save the day. Kat has obviously never had an issue persuading an audience, but this speech is the final push in convincing everyone she should run for office.

    7. And then, when Kat actually runs for city council and her platform is literally perfect.

    Kat said "I smoke weed sometimes, I support immigrants' rights, and...I had an abortion"

    That's it. That's the tweet.

    8. When Sutton decides she wants to explore her passion for design and takes a leap of faith.


    Even though she ultimately decides to stick with styling, it's not about her choice, but her willingness to try something that scares her.

    9. When Alex bravely responds to a woman's accusation that he pressured her into sex by publishing a think piece on what he's learned about consent.

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    Alex is such an endearing character. Although at first he is in disbelief that he could ever pressure someone into something against their will, he quickly realizes how little he understands and decides to learn from it rather than shy away.

    10. Jane writing about her BRCA experience.

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    Jane's breast cancer journey is so beautifully told. When she finds out she has the BRCA (breast cancer) gene, she not only gets a double mastectomy, but then decides to publicize her own struggles in the hope of helping other women.

    11. When Jacqueline opens up about being a survivor of sexual assault to inspire other people to come forward.

    Jacqueline holding two weights at a candle vigil

    One of the most moving episodes of the show is Jacqueline coming to terms with her own trauma, and her subsequent decision to speak out. 

    12. When Sutton goes rogue at a photo shoot and decides to hire real people instead of models and use a photographer Scarlet's never used before (Adena).

    Oliver telling Sutton he loves her work
    Freeform / Via

    I mean, we've all thought about defying our boss's wishes to opt for a better idea, but Sutton actually did it.

    13. Kat confronting the board to change their hiring policies and allow those without college degrees to be considered.


    Not to mention, Kat literally has Jane cover Angie's shift at the rec center and Sutton guard the elevator so that Angie can have 10 minutes to plead her case in front of the board.

    14. Jane recording herself admitting her sexual attraction to her employee, just to convince a source she's trustworthy.

    Jane confessing her love for her employee on camera

    It was an extremely risky move, but one that ultimately paid off. 

    15. When Sutton bets on herself and chooses her dream career over a relationship with Richard.


    Go girl.

    16. When Kat starts a whole movement about showing vulnerability on social media after her breakup with Adena.

    Kat posting a raw photo of herself

    I think anyone who is on social media knows that posting the "real you" is one of the bravest things you can do in the digital world. 

    17. When Jane publicly took the blame for not verifying a source's story.

    Freeform / Via

    Although this mishap wasn't entirely Jane's fault (because her source straight-up lied to her), she was willing to publicly take the fall for Scarlet so that Jacqueline wouldn't have to. 

    18. When Kat decides to open up about her abortion on the campaign trail rather than hiding it from the public.


    Kat's consistent fearlessness in standing up for what she believes in is so inspiring.

    19. When Sutton pretended to be a stylist so she could work with Alice Knight, a famous influencer.

    Freeform / Via

    ~Technically~, she didn't lie...she just avoided the whole truth in order to shoot her shot. Bold.

    20. And then later, when they break into a music video set (FOR RIHANNA) so that Sutton can apologize to Alice.

    Sutton, Kat and Jane dancing on stage

    I still can't get over how easily they snuck in, but also that they just casually danced on stage at Rihanna's video shoot.

    21. When they participate in a nude photo shoot to embrace their flaws.

    Sutton naked at a photoshoot
    Freeform / Via

    Kat, Sutton, and Jane all decide to participate in this nude photo shoot that is designed to use zero photoshop and exemplify what real women look like. I could never.

    22. When Kat changes the hiring policy for previously incarcerated individuals at The Belle.

    Kat's former boss telling her she is solely responsible for changing The Belle's policy

    Not only did Kat convince an elitist establishment to change its hiring policy, but she also started a growing digital movement that can create real-world change. 

    23. And finally, when Sutton stands up for herself and tells Richard she wants to put her career first.

    Sutton explaining why she doesn't want to have kids at 26

    What other moments from The Bold Type did you love? Tell us in the comments below!

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