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    The Best Ariana Grande Songs In Every Genre

    Runners-up include: "Santa Tell Me."

    🎶 EDM (Electronic Dance Music):

    1. "Break Free"

    Republic Records / Via

    Yes, we are all painfully aware of the glaring grammatical error in this song, but in the words of Elsa: Let it Go, and let Ari's belting voice inspire you to be your best self. “Break Free” is one of her early singles that made Ariana Grande a household name and still manages to make people jump up and down for joy.

    🎶 Doo-wop:

    2. "Honeymoon Avenue"

    Larry Marano / Getty Images

    There’s so much happening in this song that it’s difficult to categorize and concisely explain the power that is “Honeymoon Avenue.” The opening symphony, the soulful “oohs and ahhs,” the jazzy snaps — all of it is so perfectly balanced and creates a strong feeling of longing and nostalgia which is appropriate for a song about reaching the end of a relationship.

    3. "Tattooed Heart"

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    One of the earliest bops from her debut album, Yours Truly, “Tattooed Heart” solidified Ari as a force to be reckoned with. Her voice croons and belts for the entirety of the song so effortlessly that she won over millions of fans in just three minutes and 15 seconds. Even the Obamas gave her a standing ovation when she performed it at the White House.

    🎶 Dance Pop:

    4. "no tears left to cry"

    Republic Records / Via

    I cannot stress enough how “no tears left to cry” is essentially a perfect song in that it delivers precisely on its intended purpose. Right off the bat, the song opens with Ariana delicately singing “right now I’m in a state of mind” that immediately transcends listeners to this otherworldly sense of peace and optimism. The (Grammy award-winning) Sweetener era was truly something else.

    5. "Into You"

    Republic Records / Via

    This hit was so overplayed in 2016 that I almost didn’t include it, but undoubtedly, this song is a bop. Ari rarely treats us to her lower singing register, but “Into You’s" opening line does exactly that. The entire composition is the perfect rhythm and melody for a song about being head over heels in love (or lust).

    🎶 Soul/Blues:

    6. "Leave Me Lonely"

    Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

    This song never gets enough credit, tbh. It’s not so much a banger as it is the type of song that you listen to while picturing yourself on a balcony, glass of wine in hand, staring into an oncoming storm. Also, Macy Gray’s hauntingly, beautiful voice greatly compliments Ariana’s.

    7. "Almost Is Never Enough"

    Republic Records / Via

    I am fully prepared for the backlash from those who think this song isn’t up to par with Ari’s usual standards. And yes, while lyrically, it is cheesy, it’s necessary to include here because stylistically it’s both a testament to Ari's Broadway days, and a perfect opportunity to showcase the incredible range of her voice.

    🎶 Trap:

    8. "7 Rings"

    Republic Records / Via

    This one basically speaks for itself. “7 Rings” was Ari fully dabbling in the trap genre and includes many quintessential trap elements, which she genius-ly combined with a sampling from The Sound of Music’s “My Favorite Things” so, it's hard to go wrong. It is also Ari's most-streamed song on Spotify and defined her image for nearly two years.

    9. "Monopoly"

    Republic Records / Via

    Possibly one of the cutest music videos/songs Ari has ever delivered. While some may criticize its lighthearted, comedic lyrics, not every song has to be thought-provoking. The entire song feels like we are listening to a late-night conversation between Ari and Victoria Monét, and the last line alone, "where you been Cleetus," followed by Ari’s sing-song laugh is enough to solidify this song as a winner.

    🎶 Pop:

    10. "God is a woman"

    Republic Records / Via

    You’re lying if you tell me this isn’t one of the greatest songs Ariana Grande has ever written. It screams sexual liberation and feminine empowerment. The layering of Ari’s voice in the end to sound like a full-on gospel choir creates an ethereal feeling for the listener that is hard to describe. Also, it’s Nonna’s favorite.

    11. "thank u, next"

    Republic Records / Via

    There's no doubt that “thank u, next” will go down in history as one of those songs frequently discussed and referenced in pop culture. The song itself was so monumental in its initial release that it became an instant hit and iconic catchphrase. To say this song slaps is an understatement. At the time of its release, it launched a complete cultural reset where we all suddenly became OK with discussing our tragic relationship history and the growth that comes with each new chapter.

    12. "Baby I"

    Republic Records / Via

    An extremely underrated song from her debut album that is what started the Mariah Carey comparisons, (thanks to her infamous whistle notes). Lyrically, there’s not much happening, but Ari does so much just by repeating “Baby I” 3,000 times in different octaves.

    13. "One Last Time"

    Republic Records / Via

    Ariana delivered the perfect road trip tune to belt along to with “One Last Time.” This song feels perfectly designed for her voice with the delicate, breathy notes accompanied by the higher-pitched, head-voice belting.

    🎶 Deep House:

    14. "Be Alright"

    NBC / Via

    Ari transports fans back to an entirely different era with this upbeat bop. The lyrics are uncomplicated and uplifiting and the vogue choreography that accompanies every live performance is a staple of the song.

    🎶 R&B:

    15. "Dangerous Woman"

    Republic Records / Via

    This category was one of the hardest, (especially considering Ari just released an ENTIRE R&B album), because her honesty and vulnerability always seem to come across the most within her lyrics in this genre. “Dangerous Woman” is a song that can have you feeling badass, sexy, dainty, pure and all types of ways simultaneously. Plus, let us never forget the iconic acapella version of this song that now has more than 109 million views on YouTube.

    16. "needy"

    Mike Coppola / Getty Images / Via

    This song is such a subtle masterpiece and a lesson in self-acceptance. Every lyric feels like Ariana is having a heart-to-heart with one of her best friends. The entire song somehow manages to showcase her innate ability to connect with her fans on an emotional level while also maintaining a level of professional excellence.

    17. "pov"

    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

    Another beautiful and emotionally vulnerable song — ”pov” is so powerful. It especially hits home for Arianators who have been on the roller coaster ride that is her journey to self-love in her relationships. This song exemplifies what it means to find someone that truly loves every part of you. Also, the bridge delivers a tear-jerking, moving melody that seems to float right into our hearts.

    🎶 Reggae Fusion:

    18. "Side To Side"

    Republic Records / Via

    This is one of those songs that even non-Arianators were jamming to in 2016. And while I don’t consider it up to par with the genius that is most of her other work, it’s a novelty in itself for proving that “young Ariana run pop” and can slay in any genre.

    🎶 Hip-hop:

    19. "The Way"

    Universal Records / Via

    One of her most simplistic, but insanely catchy tunes (not kidding, all it takes is one line of this song, and I guarantee it will be stuck in your head for DAYS), “The Way” was such an appropriate introduction for the world to meet Ariana Grande.

    What's your favorite Ariana song? Let us know in the comments!