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    The Best Pixar Movies, Ranked

    "Edna. Mode."

    Pixar has provided so many heartwarming, comical and quotable moments in the past 25 years that it's hard to determine which of these fabulous animated films are the GOAT (greatest of all time)... But I did it anyway.

    23. Cars 2

    Disney Pixar / Via

    It almost feels like Pixar tried too hard with this one. There were too many minor characters and uninteresting subplots. Mater remains consistently funny though, and the British-James-Bond-like car was a fabulous addition.

    22. Cars 3

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Ok so surprisingly, Cars 3 was better than Cars 2 and held up to the glory that was Cars. It felt like the writers took more time to develop a plot and let it unfold naturally, rather than force a supposed exciting adventure. And redemption stories are always heartwarming.

    21. The Good Dinosaur

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Typically an animated movie about an adorable dinosaur would sound like my cup of tea, but this one sadly lacks depth. The death of Arlo's father felt unnecessarily sad and we are made to think the cave-child is adorable when he's actually a bit annoying. I do enjoy the T-rex ranch hands, however.

    20. Toy Story 4

    Disney+ / Via

    What can I say... they should have stopped at three. The finality of the third Toy Story was such a profound moment in the pop culture/entertainment world—not to mention many people's childhoods—that making another movie after that felt like it should be illegal.

    19. Finding Dory

    Disney/Pixar's Finding Dory / Via

    Some movies are too perfect to need a sequel. Obviously, I understand the industry likes to profit off of the success of the first film by making another one, but this movie fell flat compared to the glory of Finding Nemo. Baby Dory is a game-changer though.

    18. Monster's University

    Disney Pixar / Via

    I'll be honest, Monster's University was surprisingly good. Like the first movie, it's filled with line after line of back-to-back jokes. The only real downside is that Sully kind of sucks the first half of the film, but it's enjoyable to watch as his friendship with Mike evolves and he grows into the lovable Sully we know today.

    17. Toy Story 3

    Disney / Via

    I mostly just associate this movie with nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia. Pixar was ready to break some hearts and leave no survivors, while simultaneously managing to make us all feel old. They did an incredible job at wrapping up an iconic tale.

    16. Brave

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Pixar really thought they did something with Brave, because this movie was hyped up as if it would be groundbreaking. And yes, it's definitely an excellent, adorable movie about a brave, young badass. But it’s not as powerful as it could have been and feels too much like an attempt at recreating the magic that was Tangled.

    15. Onward

    Disney + / Via

    While Onward is the newest Pixar movie on this list, it doesn't hold up compared to many of its predecessors. One of the best things about this movie is getting to see such a positive sibling relationship displayed onscreen, especially between two nerdy brothers. Also, that final scene where Ian WATCHES his brother hug their father for the final time instead of rushing to his side gave me physical pain.

    14. Cars

    Disney Pixar / Via

    The most notable point about Cars is that it succeeded in making many of us believe cars have feelings too. Pixar created an entirely new world run by automobiles and left no detail untouched. Plus, Owen Wilson is a great Lightning McQueen and kids seem to love it.

    13. A Bug's Life

    Disney Pixar / Via

    As children, the idea that this movie is an allegory for the larger concept of colonialism and democracy went right over most of our heads. But, the message stands nonetheless and is an important one at that. Also, personally, I think perspective stories are always important for teaching purposes and there aren’t many creatures as fascinating and as hated as bugs.

    12. Toy Story 2

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Very few movies can introduce an entirely new main character and make it work, but Jessie is the exception. Plus, she was introduced alongside none other than the trustiest sidekick, Bullseye.

    11. Incredibles 2

    Walt Disney Studios / Via

    Like Toy Story 2, Incredibles 2 did not disappoint. Pixar clearly knew their primary audience had grown significantly in the nearly 15 years since the first film was released, and the darker plotline and more sophisticated dialogue reflected that. Jack-Jack had a bigger role this time around (rightfully so) and honestly, I'd watch the movie for his and Edna Mode's relationship alone.

    10. Soul

    Disney Pixar / Via

    An incredibly beautiful film that presents life's most difficult questions in a less intimidating format, but doesn't quite live up to the heightened expectations. Pixar finally created its first black lead, but then allowed his storyline to get subtly undermined by that of his white co-star. The best part of this movie is how it suggests music is one of life's greatest connecting forces.

    9. Wall-E

    Disney Pixar / Via

    It was a revolutionary moment for Pixar in its decision to produce an animated movie that only included one line of dialogue in the first 30 mins. It’s hard not to love Wall-E’s adorable, non-verbal expressions and his romance with EVE. I praise Pixar for making a movie about the aftermath of humanity’s inevitable destruction in a compelling and thought-provoking way.

    8. Ratatouille

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Another interesting point-of-view story from a species that gets a lot of hate, Ratatouille is a tale that combines food and friendship— aka the makings of a glorious plotline. It also succeeded in making us all collectively crave ratatouille and try making the dish ourselves.

    7. Monsters, Inc.

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Honestly, genius concept and brilliant execution. To make a movie about everyone’s childhood fears and turn it into something friendly and comforting is a beautiful idea. Plus, Sully (“Kitty”) and Mike are adorable pals that provide endearing comedic relief throughout the entirety of the fim.

    6. Up

    Disney Pixar / Via

    An old man’s lifelong dream, fulfilling a dying wish, balloons that can fly you to another world, and two adorable sidekicks certify Up as a quintessential Pixar film, which is probably why so many people associate it as the face of Pixar. Something about an animated old man and his steadfast love for his wife hits right in the heartstrings.

    5. Inside Out

    Disney Pixar / Via

    This movie does an incredible job at teaching us all to be a bit more empathetic toward one another. It features a stellar cast of comedians including Amy Poehler, Mindy Kaling, Bill Hader and Phyllis Smith so it was destined to be a knockout from the get-go. The creators took great care to make sure the lessons taught in this film about the complexities of joy and sorrow are in line with scientific research but were presented in a uniquely creative way.

    4. Coco

    Disney+ / Via

    Remember when we all collectively cried when this movie was released? In fact, I’m crying right now writing this. Coco, a story about love, loss, and the power of music is absolutely beautiful. Not to mention, since so many people like to appropriate and misinterpret the Day of the Dead, this movie was a necessity.

    3. The Incredibles

    Disney Pixar / Via

    I know, I know. Many of you are internally screaming how this should be number one because it is arguably the funniest. This film was a game-changer for Pixar. I don’t think there is a soul in existence who doesn’t like The Incredibles. Every minute of this two-hour ride is pure bliss, and I could write an essay on the cultural impact of some of its one-liners. This movie blessed us with gems like, “Where IS my super suit?”

    2. Toy Story

    Disney Pixar / Via

    Possibly one of the greatest animated films ever to exist. Tom Hanks has excelled at almost every role given him, but was he born to play a toy cowboy? I think yes. This was Pixar's FIRST feature-length film and withstood the test of time. It basically defined millennials' childhoods. Plus, it’s infrequent that audiences are treated to such a pure story about the true meaning of friendship. And the score itself is amazing.

    1. Finding Nemo

    Disney Pixar / Via

    I can't stress enough how Finding Nemo is the pinnacle of a perfect film. Who knew a movie about fish would create one of the most compelling and memorable storylines of all time. The character development, the colors, the relationships, the conflict, Nemo’s “little fin” and even the minor characters are all grade A aspects. It’s one of those movies that’s still consistently referenced in pop culture, and for good reason.

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