Twitter Can't Get Over Normani's "Wild Side" Comeback With Cardi B

    It's more than a bop. It's a movement.

    Normani is BACK, baby!

    The singer just released her first single in two years, "Wild Side," and it came with a music video featuring Cardi B.

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    The entire video is...*chef's kiss* — the visuals, the choreography, the LOOKS. And Normani sampled Aaliyah's 1996 song "One in a Million," so there are just a lot of feelings happening.

    And when I say Twitter is living. For. It. I mean it. Here are some of the best reactions:


    we waited 2 years and normani gave us THAT opening scene, scissored a clone of herself, flew up into the air, showed us bare ass….

    @btsxnormani / Via Twitter: @btsxnormani


    @normanisheart_ / Via Twitter: @normanisheart_


    You can’t rush what Normani doing idc how tempting it is. This ain’t no microwave shit!!!!! She gon be here for a long time.

    @earringdealer / Via Twitter: @earringdealer


    @UngodliestSiren / Via Twitter: @UngodliestSiren


    Me vibing to a sexy Aaliyah sample until the girls start sucking watermelons through straws

    @blaccbrry_ / Via Twitter: @blaccbrry_


    Normani + Cardi w/ an Aaliyah sample. A incoming hit

    @AaliyahLegion / Via Twitter: @AaliyahLegion


    I didn’t think anybody would ever have the chance to touch the One in a Million beat but Normani & Cardi did they thaaaang🔥

    @lieahszn / Via Twitter: @lieahszn


    @yungbabytate / Via Twitter: @yungbabytate


    Crazy how Normani and Tinashe are the only R&B girlies that are delivering sound, choreography, and visuals! It feels like 2000’s again!

    @tinaqueen_15 / Via Twitter: @tinaqueen_15


    Normani was giving me Aaliyah and Janet Jackson all in one music video. she is to be FEARED

    @manishive / Via Twitter: @manishive


    Wild Side is so freaking beautiful, I can’t believe it. Normani is a superstar. this is just the beginning of the fantastic journey that this era is going to be. I hope she’s ready. CAUSE WE SURELY ARE! and Cardi... what can I say? VERSATILITY. 👏🏼 love ya.

    @lanahearted / Via Twitter: @lanahearted


    @brujxdelbarrio / Via Twitter: @brujxdelbarrio


    Normani in wild side #WildSide love you @Normani

    @ShowArgent / Via Twitter: @ShowArgent


    If you don’t like wild side, keep it to yourself cause we don’t care 😂

    @dreamndamnation / Via Twitter: @dreamndamnation


    This sequence... y'all Normani is insane

    @aboylikemoi / Via Twitter: @aboylikemoi


    Normani and Cardi gave us Black Excellence🔥 with their new song Wild Side.

    @_nicholasfryer / Via Twitter: @_nicholasfryer


    Rewatching Normani’s and this video alllllllllll daaaaaaaaay loooooooooong

    @MatthewACherry / Via Twitter: @MatthewACherry


    A lot of babies will be made to this song! @Normani @iamcardib y’all did what needed to be done for us ALL! #WildSide 🤎

    @Bria_Chene88 / Via Twitter: @Bria_Chene88


    no cause wild side choreo?? yeah the tiktokers can’t copy that 🤣 this really ain’t no tiktok shet

    @normanisheart_ / Via Twitter: @normanisheart_


    Normani did the one in a million sample justice. She made it her own without making it a complete copy. Aaliyah would’ve loved her, the song and video. She is a star !

    @AaliyahLegion / Via Twitter: @AaliyahLegion


    the gag of having a major aaliyah sample.. that's why shit been taking so long lolll who cleared that

    @LittleCharlesTV / Via Twitter: @LittleCharlesTV


    Normani is the only artist to have sampled Aaliyah correctly. Who else has served vocals AND choreo that honors Aaliyah’s legacy

    @normanisthatbih / Via Twitter: @normanisthatbih


    that Aaliyah sample was used so perfectly because @Normani & @iamcardib ate that the fuck up!

    @Kydahl_Lewis / Via Twitter: @Kydahl_Lewis


    Normani is going to bring the ACTUAL STAR presence back, she ain’t gonna be lazy with her shit at all☝🏼

    @iblamecurt / Via Twitter: @iblamecurt


    Now with Normani dropping Wild Side and giving us choreography…….Tinashe need to collab with her because they know how to eat choreography and visuals !

    @randomstan14 / Via Twitter: @randomstan14