OK Millennials, I’m Sorry But It’s Time To Officially Retire These Words And Phrases

    If you text me "adulting" you're getting blocked.

    Hello, fellow millennials. It's time we have a little chat.

    Audrey Hepburn grimacing

    For years now, we've been incorporating popular millennial catchphrases into our everyday speak... But I think the time has come to finally stop.

    It pains me, but here are 17 popular millennial sayings I think we should collectively agree to retire.

    1. "Doggo"

    Cute corgi with his tongue out on the beach

    2. "I did a thing..."

    Sophia Grace smiling too wide

    3. "Funsies"

    Little white girl with blonde hair doing a peace sign

    4. "Adulting"

    Andy Samberg yelling, "I'm an adult"

    5. "Basic"

    6. Saying "'Merica" instead of "America"

    Ilana raising her hand to her head and saluting the American flag

    7. "Some personal news ~"

    Taylor Swift sassily swishing her hair

    8. "My fur babies"

    Young woman holding a cat close to her chest

    9. "I can't even"

    10. Feels

    Will Smith rubbing his nose and softly crying

    What other millennial words and phrases are you tired of hearing? Let us know in the comments below!


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